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    View information below regarding new prescriptions as well as prescription refills.

    If you have a request for a new prescription, it will not be given over the phone. The physician must see you to evaluate your condition and needs before treating any new problems.


    Please try to ask your physician at the time of your visit for any routine prescription refills. If you must call for a refill, please allow us two working days to call the prescription to your pharmacy. We also ask that you provide the following information:

    • name of the medication
    • dosage
    • frequency
    • name and phone number to your pharmacy

    We do not provide refills when the office is closed. Please aviod calling on weekends and holidays for a prescription refill. If you have not been seen in the office in the last six months, your provider may require a visit before authorizing a refill. Most insurance companies have developed a drug formulary to be followed in order to receive optimum coverage. If a medication ordered by your physician is not on your coverage list, please request the pharmacist to call to see if a change can be made.