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    Laboratory Tests

    Laboratory results are reported to the patient only after they have been reviewed by the physician. Except in the case of a major abnormality when you will be notified immediately, the provider will have the test results for review within a day or two. Some tests however, take more time to come back to us. If the results are normal or less urgent, we will provide written reports within two weeks. In order for your results to be given to a family member or anyone else, a release must be signed by you and placed in your chart. This protects your individual confidential records.

    We also have an X-Ray machine available in our clinic. The X-Ray is read by your provider at the time of your visit and sent to be officially read by a radiologist. The final results are available within two to three days.


    The blood test called "protime" is used to monitor anticoagulant therapy with Coumadin (generic name Warfarin). The tests are ordered on a frequency determined by your medical condition and physician orders. The office staff will ask some questions to monitor your treatment before the blood test is drawn. You will typically receive the results of your test before you leave the clinic as well as any changes in dosage that you may need and when the next test will be needed.